Salvadoriana exhibition: a cabinet of curiosities in Barcelona

Last week I attended a very interesting workshop on the history of early modern natural history and exploration, with a focus on all things “Iberian” (see programme here).

The workshop included a visit to a current exhibition at the Botanical Institute: Salvadoriana, a sort of “cabinet of curiosities” initiated by a Barcelona-based family of apothecaries. The collection featured some wonderful natural objects -from bezoar stones to dried animals- as well as an incredible collection of books, an herbarium, a collection of model fruits (Pomona española) and a wonderful set of decorated cabinets.

I take this opportunity to thank José (Pepe) Pardo-Tomás for his exhaustive and suggestive guided tour!

You can read the exhibition catalogue in Pepe’s Academia website: here


About Jose Ramon Marcaida

I’m a historian of science interested in the history of early modern Iberian science and its connection with Renaissance and Baroque visual culture. More generally, I’m interested in the relation between texts, images and things across the Humanities.
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